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"The passion lies within and the execution of the concept is what feeds the spirit...however, creating balance and harmony with the character of the individual is the most fulfilling challenge imaginable."

-Shannon Elkayam


Home should be your sanctuary

Home should be an extension of yourself....

your likes....

your thoughts....

your feelings....

your life....


Should take all the complications out of the way for the client. We take care of the client and help alleviate the anxiety that may accompany a remodel or any design project. Our experience and knowledge enables us to keep the client focused. Often a client can feel overwhelmed with the number of design choices that are available today. Sometimes more choices can feel like a burden rather than a good thing. My role is to be a support through this process as well as guiding a client into making the best choices for their desired outcome. We understand how to put everything together so each piece fits harmoniously. I always say it's like working with a big puzzle.







Gary & Sharon Fitzgerald, Carlsbad

"Shannon created the design of our kitchen, procurement of materials and worked closely with the contractor to ensure the design was executed as she intended. Throughout the process, her creativity, experience, dedication and people skills were invaluable in getting what we think is an outstanding result. 

"The amount of detailed drawings, thorough spreadsheets, and clear communication is not what I often see in this industry. It made our job much easier since it took the confusion out of the equation. I feel fortunate to get to work with this level of professionalism."

David Brea, Contractor

"We remodeled the kitchen on our home that we built over 25 years ago and could not have achieved the beautiful end result without Elkayam Design. Shannon's insight and design sense are amazing. She gave us a kitchen that is gorgeous and highly functional"

Joe & Mitzi Brock, San Diego

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